Carl Baker


Photograph by Con Kelleher

I'm an English singer songwriter who creates and performs a variety of original music. I hope you enjoy my songs and spread the word.


I would like to thank my growing number of fans who enjoy and support me. My catalog of songs has had some great comments, and I appreciate those who have approached me to perform paid gigs, given me radio plays and artists who have asked to cover my songs.


If you like my music then please support me in any way you can. i love you all🎤🎸🙂

I love it brother awesome tune, Matt Salas 

Great original song Bakesy!, Robin Tougas

 Beautiful great artist, Regina Claudialife

Amazing talent, Kimberly Hanchock

Cool bro, Johnny Maggi

Incredible as always, Maggie Bennett

Excellent song, Sharon McKenna

Funky, Smith Mae LaWana

I love your music amazing voice great artist  Molly Castaneda

Wow, John Ballantine

Great music, Judy Newman

Really cool music, Bakhita Evelyn

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Please donate to help me raise £600 to buy a new acoustic dedicated amp. This will improve my recording and performance sound. Thank you 

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